There are numerous sights to see and activities to participate in at Keats Point Farm.  Walks around the farm and lakeside allow for observation of all types of nature and wildlife.  You can even stand in two states at the same time.  Much of the farm sits in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, but a portion of it sits in Warren County, North Carolina.

We have a variety of farm animals.  Keats Point Farm has eleven equines comprised of seven horses, one pony and three miniature horses.  Five breeds of chickens live on the farm.  Two Nigerian Dwarf goats, one Nubian cross goat and a pot belly pig also call the farm home.  Chief and Bella (our two Great Pyrenees) serve as guardians of the smaller animals while in the pasture.

At Keats Point Farm, you may choose to simply enjoy the serenity of the lake and a country setting.  You may decide to visit with the animals and learn about their feeding and care.  The greenhouse also provides activities and sights to see.  Swings, obstacle stumps, balance logs, and tree discs (used for a variety of games and challenges) are located in the picnic area between the arena and the lake.

The stable, arena and round pen allow for numerous equine activities to be scheduled.  Groups may choose to schedule a wagon ride around the farm.  Keats Point Farm has something for almost everyone to see and do.  Based on availability, you may even be able to collect your own eggs from the chicken coops or select your on vegetables from the greenhouse.

Please browse through the photos and enjoy some of the sights you may see and activities you may choose to experience during your visit.